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What’s Really in Your Household Cleaning Products?

It’s easy to assume that all household cleaners are safe, but have you ever looked at what exactly is in your cleaning products? Many cleaning products on the market contain toxins. However, because they aren’t products meant to be ingested, they don’t have to be regulated by the EPA. Although the intent is not to ingest these cleaners, you are still being exposed to the chemicals every time you use them.

It is important to understand what chemicals you may be exposing yourself t. Here are just a few of the most common toxins found in cleaning products and why they could be harmful to you.

This is commonly found in products labeled “multipurpose cleaner,” which are typically used in the kitchen and bathroom. It can irritate the eyes and skin and may be linked to liver and kidney conditions.

Two frequently used products that contain chlorine are bleach and toilet bowl cleaners. Chlorine is one of the more common chemicals that we are exposed to, so it can be trickier to avoid. However, some of the possible health risks include respiratory and thyroid issues.

This chemical is particularly dangerous for people who have breathing conditions, such as asthma, because it can worsen symptoms. It is typically found in bathroom polishes and glass cleaners. If you are using products that contain ammonia, make sure to not use simultaneously with bleach.

For a safer option, try making your own household cleaners out of things such as vinegar, lemons, baking soda, essential oils, and other natural ingredients.

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