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Plumbing Myths Busted

Ice Cubes and Egg Shells Sharpen Garbage Disposal Blades
Garbage disposals don’t have blades; they have impellers. The impellers are blunt, so there is nothing to sharpen in a disposal. Sometimes ice can help with bad odors coming from the disposal, but this is not recommended to do often. Egg shells should never be put in the disposal.

Flushable Wipes
Nothing should ever be flushed besides human waste and toilet paper. Many products, such as baby wipes, claim to be “flushable.” However, this could not be farther from the truth. They may not clog the toilet, but they will cause issues in the pipes beyond the toilet.

All Plumbers are the Same
Not every plumbing company will give you the same quality of service and results. Do your research and read reviews on each company you are considering. All plumbers have different standards for their work. Make sure your plumber is certified and their license is up to date.

Plunging the Toilet Regularly is Normal
It’s okay to plunge the toilet every now and then, but if this is happening regularly it is a sign that you need a new toilet. More than likely the toilet is older and has low flush pressure.

Toilets Swirl and Flush in the Opposite Direction South of the Equator
This is an old tale that some believe is caused by the Coriolis Effect. However, you can find toilets that flush both clockwise and counterclockwise in both hemispheres. The Coriolis Effect isn’t strong enough to disturb the small amount of water in a toilet.

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