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How to React in Various Plumbing Emergencies

Flooding or Overflowing Appliances/Sinks/Toilets
In most homes, you’ll notice that water-using appliances have special hook ups behind them. With those hookups, there will be a small knob. That knob is the water shut-off valve for that appliance. Each of your sinks and toilets should be equipped with one as well. By closing that vale, typically by turning it to the right until it comes to a full stop, you can prevent anymore water from accessing that appliance. This is the quickest way to stop an overflowing sink, toilet, washing machine, refrigerator, and similar appliances.

Burst Pipe in the Walls or Under the Floor
If a pipe has burst inside of your wall, or if you hear a leak in your walls or floor, you may not know which pipe is causing the leak. Don’t worry, your plumber will locate that when he or she gets there. For now, locate your main water line shut-off valve, and turn it off. You can usually find this valve on one of the front walls outside your home. This will turn off all the water inside of your house, stopping any leaks immediately. When the plumber arrives, the leak will be repaired, and the water will be turned back on.

Main Water Line Break
If you’ve come home to a flooded yard, your main water valve may not be able to shut if off. In this case, there is one last valve you can try – the one located close to the street in front of your house. This is the valve that the city uses to control water access to your home. In emergencies, you can use that valve to shut off the water to your home, though not all cities allow civilian access to those valves.

If you ever find yourself in the middle of a plumbing emergency, call our team at (512) 267-1188.

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