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How to get musty smell out of bathroom

Bathrooms have more heat and moisture than other rooms, making them the perfect habitat for mildew and mold. If you’re noticing a mildew scent in the bathroom, it should be gotten rid of quickly. Thankfully this issue can easily be resolved. Sometimes the fix is as simple as washing your towels more frequently. Here are a few things to do when you start to smell mildew.

Wash towels, rugs, and curtains 

The mildew smell may be coming from towels, rugs, or curtains. If this is the case, you’re actually in luck. A simple trip through the wash with vinegar or tea tree oil will do the trick. If the items can withstand bleach, we recommend adding that to the wash as well. In the future, make sure that you hang all towels to dry, and do not wad them up or throw in a hamper while they are still damp. Towels should be changed every few days, and rugs and curtains washed every other week.

Air out the bathroom

When possible, leave the bathroom door open to increase air circulation. Opening windows will also help. Turn the exhaust fan on while you’re showering and leave it on afterward until the moisture in the air has decreased. If mildew in the bathroom is a reoccurring issue, we suggest investing in a dehumidifier.

Keep it clean

Cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis will also help prevent mold and mildew. Soap scum and dirt lead to mildew growth. An initial deep clean should clear it up and remove the smell. After that, regular maintenance cleaning should keep mildew away. If you can see mildew growing around tub caulking or grout lines, scrub these areas with a bleach and water mixture. In severe cases, you may need to recaulk or regrout these areas.

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