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How to Avoid Plumbing Disasters with Kids

The swirling water when a toilet flushes can be very intriguing to young children. Toilets are the perfect height for children to stick their hands in or throw objects into. Children are prone to try flushing small toys, diapers, and other items down the toilet. These objects will likely cause clogged pipes and require an expert plumber. The best way to prevent this is by investing in toilet lid locks.

If your kids like to play in the dirt, make a habit of cleaning the mud off outside before they get in the bathtub. Mud can build up over time and cause clogs in your home’s pipes. In addition, this will help prevent mud from being tracked through your home.

Kids are curious and may begin exploring the cabinets as soon as they can walk, or maybe even before. If you keep products in the bathroom cabinets that kids shouldn’t get into (such as cleaners, soap, and hair products), cabinet locks will be your best friend. They’re easy for parents to unlock but make the cabinets nearly impossible for kids to get into.

There is no doubt that kids love playing in water. If filling the bathtub or sink to its highest capacity is one of your kids’ favorite things to do, you may want to consider having the overflow pipes inspected. They are meant to be used on rare occasion, so when used frequently they may leak.

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