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Eczema and Hard Water

If you or someone you know has eczema, you know how difficult it can be to find relief. The cause of eczema is different for everyone, and in many cases it’s unknown, making it even harder to treat. Similarly, all bodies respond differently to each method of treatment. Topical creams, vitamins, avoiding certain foods, and switching up your laundry detergent can provide relief, but for some it doesn’t provide the comfort they want. If you feel like you have tried everything to get rid of that dry, itchy skin, you may have started to wonder if something in the water is contributing to the eczema.

Water comes out of your faucets hard, unless you have a water softener. Hard water still contains high levels of magnesium and calcium. Research has shown that hard water can harm your skin’s natural protective barrier, which may lead to the development of eczema. Once you have developed eczema, your skin becomes even more sensitive to hard water. Some people have a genetic predisposition to eczema and certain triggers can cause the dry, itchy skin to develop. Hard water is one of these triggers.

When your skin’s protective barrier becomes weaker from hard water, you may notice even more sensitivity to soaps, lotions, and other topical products. Hard water also does not wash the soap off your skin as effectively as soft water, leaving soap residue on your skin that can be irritating.

While a water softener has not been proven to cure eczema, it can greatly reduce your symptoms. If you are expecting a baby soon and eczema, or skin sensitivity runs in the family, you may want to consider installing a water softener. Research has shown that it can help prevent the development of eczema in those who have genetic predisposition.

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