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Does My Water Heater Work Harder During the Winter?

The short answer is yes! Your water heater runs every day of the year, but it does have to work harder during the winter months. From increased use to cold weather outside, there are several factors that contribute to the extra strain on your water heater.

Increased Use:
Fall and Winter bring colder temperatures, so naturally hot water use is going to increase. When it’s cold outside, there aren’t many things better than a hot shower!

Heat Loss:
The cold air outside results in more heat escaping from the tank. This means your water heater must work even harder to produce enough hot water.

Cold water enters the tank:
During the summer, your water heater doesn’t have to work very hard because the water that enters it is already warm. Likewise, it takes much more energy for a water heater to heat up cold water.

The best way to prepare your water heater for winter is to schedule a flush and inspection. Winter is the worst time to be left without hot water! An annual flush and inspection will help ensure that your water heater is in top condition and running at maximum efficiency. If you are interested in scheduling annual water heater maintenance, call Lantz’s Lakeside Plumbing & AC at 512-267-1188.

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