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Are Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures Worth the Investment?

Low flow plumbing fixtures are making their way into more homes and cutting down water bills. Toilets, faucets, and shower heads all come in water-efficient versions now. Low flow faucets and shower heads have a lower flow rate, meaning they use fewer gallons of water per minute. Low flow toilets are designed to use less water per flush. These fixtures can be more expensive, so is it worth it in the long run? Let’s look at each type of low flow fixture…

Low Flow Toilets
Typically, they use about half the water of a normal toilet. Many upgraded models have half and full flush options, depending on whether you’re flushing liquid or solid waste. Due to the lower gallons per flush, these toilets have a wider drain, making clogs less likely.

Low Flow Shower Head
A typical shower head uses about two and half gallons per minute. Most low flow shower heads cut that down to two gallons per minute. While it may not seem like much, it really adds up over time. If you take a 15 minute shower, you would save about seven and a half gallons of water each day. Over one year, that’s over 2700 gallons.

Low Flow Faucets
Most faucets also use about two and a half gallons of water per minute – sometimes even more. If you’re going to invest in a low flow faucet, we recommend looking for one with a flow rate of one and a half gallons per minute or less. This will cut down on water usage by roughly 40%.

In conclusion, YES! There is great return from investing in low flow plumbing fixtures. Not only will your water bill go down, but you also will be helping the environment. If you’re interested in having any of these low flow fixtures installed in your home, call Lantz’s Lakeside Plumbing & AC at 512-267-1188.

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