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Where is my water shut off valve located?

In emergency situations, you may need to cut off the water supply for the entire house. You will want to know where the shut off valve is located before you find yourself in a situation where water is gushing through your house. Typically the main shut off valve is located on the perimeter of a home and on the side facing the street, as that is where the water enters. If you aren’t able to find it, look at your property inspection report or call your water company’s helpline.

Traditional water heater or tankless water heater?

Electric or gas water heaters are in most homes in the United States. Both have their pros and cons, so it really comes down to user preference and budget. Tankless tend to be more costly than water heaters with a storage tank, but they also save energy and space. Tankless water heaters heat water as you need it. If you previously had gas or electric, it may take some time to adjust to tankless. For example, if you’re running the dishwasher you may not be able to take a shower at the same time.

Should I use chemical drain cleaners?

Aside from these products being extremely toxic, they also can tear apart your home’s pipes. If that were to happen, you’d be looking at a very costly repair. Many of these products promise a quick fix but leave you with a larger problem in the end. When you have a clog, always call a professional plumber.

Why won’t my toilet stop running?

We can’t give you an exact answer without a plumber assessing the issue, but we can give you a few likely causes. More than likely the flapper has to do with this issue. It may be worn out, not closing properly, or the seal may have broken.  In most cases, the flapper needs to be pushed down or replaced. If the flapper is not causing the toilet to run, the chain could be the wrong length, the float may be too low, or the fill tube may be disconnected.

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